How to buy Windows 11/10 with a valid or legitimate license key?

Do you plan to buy Windows 11/10? Well, there are a few legal ways. These means will assure you that you do not end up with illegal window keys. Just before you start, remember one thing. Always buy from legitimate sources. Do not fall into a trap where you get it by paying as low as $ 5 to $ 10. These are generally MAK or KMS keys. The standard price for Windows 10 Pro 199 $ while Windows 10 will cost you $ 139. It is therefore clear that even if someone sells it for a discount, it will not be very cheap.

How to buy Windows 11/10 with a valid or legitimate license key

The purchase of Windows 10 means buying a license key. Yes, you will get an option to download, but the key can only activate it and make it a valid Windows copy. Sometimes websites can offer you to get a USB reader if they are available to ship to your region. In case you are still not sure of the Windows Edition Buy?

1] If you have already installed Windows 11/10

If you have a Windows 11/10 PC, but without any activation, just buy a license. Access Settings> Update and Safety> Activation and use the link to buy a Correct Windows 10 version license. It will open in Microsoft Store and will give you the possibility of buying. Once you have obtained the license, it will activate the windows. Later, once you connect with the Microsoft account, the key will be linked. You should receive a Microsoft email with its key.

2] Buy from Microsoft
The best place to buy Windows 11/10 is You will have an option to download the ISO or get a USB. In both cases, the activation keys will be sent to you by e-mail. Once you have the keys, use to activate Windows 11/10. Although you can stay without activating Windows because you have the key, it is better to use it.

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Finally, if you already have one of these versions, especially at home, and you want to go to Pro, you can read other articles on this subject.

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